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15th Reunion de Estudos Regionales

Paper submission deadline for the 44th Reunion de Estudios Regionales in Valencia, Spain
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65th NARSC

Paper submission deadline for the 65th NARSC in San Antonio, TX
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Andre F. T. Avelino received an Outstanding PhD Student Award from the Department of ACE


Andre F. T. Avelino received an Academic Exelence Award from the Graduate College


Dr. Norihiko Yamano received his PhD in the December Convocation cerimony


Renato S. Vieira awarded the inaugural Werner Baer Fellowship


Andre F. T. Avelino recognized as the Philip R. Israilevich Distinguished Research Fellow


REAL's 25th Anniversary
Wed, Nov 12th, 2014
Washington D.C.



The Impact of High-Speed Railway on Urban Growth: A Multi-Scale Spatiotemporal Approach
Pan, H., Chen, P., Dall'erba, S. and Zhang, Y.
REAL 18-T-4


The Effects of Oil Price on Regional Trade in the United States
Szewerniak, W., Xu, Y. and Dall'erba, S.
REAL 18-T-3


Socio-Natural Processes and Land-Use Modeling in Support of Integrated Water Resource Management Practices
Pan, H., Deal, B., Destouni, G., Zhang, Y. and Kalantari, Z.
REAL 18-T-2


Comparing the economic impact of natural disasters generated by different input-output models. An application to the 2007 Chehalis River Flood (WA)
Avelino, A. and Dall'erba, S.
REAL 18-T-1



Illinois Economic Review - June
Released: 06/28/2018


Illinois Job Index - June
Released: 06/28/2018


MSA Job Report - June
Released: 06/28/2018


Chicago Business Activity Index (CBAI) - June
Released: 06/18/2018


Illinois MSA Indices and Forecasts - June
Released: 06/11/2018

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The Regional Economics Applications Laboratory focuses on the development and use of analytical models for urban and regional forecasting and economic development.

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Mayra Orrego
(Researcher, International Center for Tropical Agriculture)

The productive future of rice in the face of the effects
of climate change: The case of Ecuador

Raissa Carvalho Bragança
(PhD Student, Federal University of Paraná)

Elasticity of substitution and disaggregation of labor
by age and educational level: an estimation for the Brazilian sectors

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Monitoring the IL Economy

Illinois Economic Review Report - June

- The 12-month forecast shows that Illinois is likely to experience an employment increase of 38,100 jobs by May 2019. The greatest increase is likely to occur in Education & health (14,300 more jobs).

- The state of Illinois now has a net gain of 123,700 jobs since the beginning of the recession in December 2007. Given Illinois’ economic performance of late, recovery to the prior peak (adjusted for changes in labor force participation and population growth) recorded in 2000 within five years would seem feasible.

See the full report (Released: 06/28/2018)

Illinois Job Report - June

Employment Chart IL

- Illinois added 8,600 jobs in May 2018. The sectors that gained jobs were Education & health (3,500 more jobs), Government (2,600 more jobs) and Financial Activities (2,100 more jobs). The sectors that lost jobs in May in Illinois were Manufacturing (-100 less jobs), Leisure & hospitality (-800), and Information (-900 less jobs).

- In April, Illinois’s official unemployment rate was 4.3% while its shadow unemployment rate was 9.21%. To bring the two rates together, in other words bringing down shadow unemployment rate to 4.6%, another 356,400 jobs need to be created.

- The Nation added 223,000 jobs at a rate of 0.15% in May, compared with a revised 159,000-job gain in April 2018. There were growth in three sectors, namely Education & health (39,000 more jobs), Professional & business services (31,000 more jobs) and P Trade, transportation & utilities (53,000 more jobs).

- The RMW lost 37,400 jobs in May after a revised 19,300-job loss in April 2018.

- The 12-month-ahead job recovery forecasts show that the future recovery rates in Illinois will increase for every sector except Information.

See the full report (Released: 06/28/2018)

MSA Job Report - June

- Illinois Rural area lost 4,300 jobs at -0.57% this month, compared to a revised 3,500-job gain in April 2018. At the same time, Metro added 12,900 jobs at 0.24% in May, compared to a revised 900-job loss in the previous month. Nine out of ten MSAs posted positive growth. Consequently, the 4,700-job gain in Illinois was driven by increase in metro areas.

- The most remarkable upward move in May were recorded for Bloomington-Normal (7th to 1st). In the 12-month growth league table, Springfield remained in the last place while Kankakee remained in the first place.

- In Chicago, financial activities had the greatest monthly job-gain among all sectors (2,300 more jobs) in May, while Information had the greatest decline (400 less jobs). Since the job recovery resumed in January 2010 in Illinois, Chicago Upstate has shown an average growth rate of 11.55%, which is the highest among all the IL MSAs; Bloomington-Normal has experienced the lowest average growth rate, -2.07%.

- The 12-month forecasts show that Chicago is likely to experience a 1.39% job gain by May 2019 (58,100 more jobs). The greatest 12-month growth in Chicago is likely to happen for Education & health (21,100 more jobs) but the greatest decline would be for Information (-3,000).

See the full report (Released: 06/28/2018)

The Chicago Business Activity Index (CBAI)

The Chicago Business Activity Index (CBAI) decreased to 95.8 in April from 98.1 in March. The decrease is mainly attributed to the negative manufacturing and construction job growth and a decline in expected retail sales.

See the full report (Released: 06/18/2018)

MSA Business Index and Forecast - June

 According to the forecast for April 2018, Rockford and Springfield are likely to perform better over this period than Chicago. All the other MSAs will compare less favorably to Chicago.

See the full report (Released: 06/11/2018)

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