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CRIEPI Discussion Papers

CRIEPI-REAL Collaborative Research Series (Chronological)

Life Cycle Changes in Consumption Behavior: Age-Specific and Regional Variations
Masayo Wakabayashi and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings

Changing Inverse and The Role of Interregional Trade Dispersion
Kazumi Hitomi, Yasuhide Okuyama, and Geoffrey J.D. Hewings (January 1999)

An earlier analysis (Hewings et al., 1998) revealed hollowing-out process, a decrease in the level of intermediation, in the Chicago economy during the period 1975-2011. The main force underlying this structural change has been the change in regional trade pattern in a way that interregional trades across economies has replaced the local purchases of intermediate inputs. The issue addressed in this paper focuses on the decomposition of structural change into changes in interregional trade and in technology, in order to investigate the nature of structural change over time and across sectors. The empirical realization is provided by reference to a series of regional input-output tables for a nine-region division of the Japanese economy (1980-1985-1990). The results indicate that interregional trade has played a major role in determining regional output level while technology itself had a tendency of advancement.

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