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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Regional Economics Applications Laboratory

2015 Seminars


Jan 26th "Wage Control Policy, Labor misallocation and the Structure transformation in China " Zinan Zhang
Feb 2nd "Rail freight traffic and regional development: An analysis of Turkey " Ismail Cagri Ozcan
Feb 9th "Re-examining the Predictive Power of the Yield Curve with Quantile Regression " Mauro Sayar Ferreira
Feb 16th "The Effects of Accessibility on Commuting Time: The case of São Paulo, Brazil " Renato Schwambach Vieira
Feb 23rd "Estimate or Calibrate: A Theoretical and Practical Exploration for Computable General Equilibrium Analysis and Econometric Input Output " Andrew Crawley
Mar 2nd "The effect of vocational education on outcomes in higher education: The case of Chile " Rocío Valdebenito
Mar 9th "House Prices and School Choice: Evidence from Chicago’s Magnet Schools Proximity Lottery " Esteban Lopez
Mar 16th "Mining Boom and Education: Evidence from Colombia’s Gold Rush " Leonardo Bonilla
Mar 30th "The Effect of Violent Crime on Educational Attainment " Dongwoo Kim
Apr 6th "Bayesian Estimation of Labor Demand by Age and its Application to the Miyazawa System " Kijin Kim
Apr 13th "Spatial Regression: The Curious Case of Negative Spatial Dependence " Sheena Yu-Hsien Kao
Apr 20th "The effectiveness of micro-enterprise policies in Chile: The case of Centro de Emprendimientos Chile-Compra " Sergio Contreras
Apr 27th "Housing Price Diffusion with Foreclosure Shocks over the Space and Time " Xian Fang
Apr 28th "Water Markets: Insights from an Applied General Equilibrium Model for Extremadura, Spain " Alberto Franco Solís
Apr 28th "Are More Severe Recessions Followed by Stronger Recoveries? Evidence from the Mexican States Employment " Pablo Mejía
May 4th "How much can be the wage curve overestimated? " Bartek Rokicki

FALL 2015

Dec 9th " TBA " Yizhou Zhang
Dec 2nd " TBA " Zhangliang Chen & Andre Avelino
Nov 18th " TBA " Diana Gutiérrez
Girum Abate
Nov 9th "Sources of Inequality: Additive Decomposition of the Gini Coefficient" Carlos Hurtado
Nov 4th " The Effectiveness of Micro Enterprise Policies in Chile:The Case Of Centro De Emprendimientos Chile Compra " Sergio Contreras
Oct 28th " Searching to Hedge"
"Housing and monetary policy in the business cycle: what do housing rents have to say?
Marcelo S. Bego
João B. Duarte
Oct 21st " Analysis on Regional Economic Growth in China - Spatial Panel Model and Prefecture-level Data " Xiangwei Sun
Oct 14th " Bayesian estimation of labor demand by age: Theoretical consistency and an application to an input-output model " Kijin Kim
Oct 7th " Ethnic diversity and the labour market integration of immigrants " Peter Huber
Oct 1st " A labor Structural Decomposition Analysis of the youth employment in Europe " Andre Carrascal
Sep 23rd " The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in the Southwestern United States: the Ricardian Approach Revisited " Sandy Dall'erba
Sep 16th " Querying the perverse incentive of minimum wage on education: evidence from Indonesia " Daniel Halim
Sep 9th " Industry Relatedness, Agglomeration Externalities and Firm Survival in China " Qi Guo
Aug 31st " Eligibility criteria of Brazilian semi arid municipalities: impacts on formal employment and income " Renata Caldas
Aug 25th " Efficiency and Distributional Characteristics of Transit Fare Subsidies in the City of São Paulo, Brazil " Renato Vieira