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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Regional Economics Applications Laboratory

REAL Seminar Series 2016

Fall 2016 - Tuesdays, 3:00-4:30pm 428 Mumford Hall

August 30th

Sandy Dall'Erba (Associate Professor - ACE): Welcome and Introduction

Zhangliang Chen (PhD Student - ACE): Do crop insurance programs preclude their recipients from adapting to new climate conditions? (with Sandy Dall'Erba)

Xinyue He (PhD Student - ACE): Credit constraints, Export participation and Innovation of heterogeneous firms

September 6th

Dan McMillen (Professor - ECON): Fair market rent and the distribution of rents in Los Angeles (with Ruchi Singh)

Vicente Royuela Mora (Associate Professor - University of Barcelona, Spain): The short-run relationship between inequality and growth: evidence from OECD regions during the great recession

September 13th

Akiko Sakanishi (Professor - Nara Prefectural University, Japan): Regional Differences in Married Women's Labor Force Participation Rates: Evidence from Japan

Xiaolei Wang (Assistant Professor - Shanghai University, China): What affects foreign countries initiating antidumping investigation against China?

Bev Wilson (Associate Professor - DURP): Rural prosperity and federal expenditures, 2000-2010 (with Mallory L. Rahe) Paper

September 20th

Megan Konar (Assistant Professor - CEE): Drought impacts to water footprints and virtual water transfers of the Central Valley of California

Luciano Nakabashi (Professor - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Poverty and Development: Evidences for Brazil

Karelys Katina Guzman Finol (PhD Student - ACE): Departmental governments and the investment of royalties in Colombia

September 27th

Jinwon Bae (PhD Student - University of Arizona): Crop production, export of virtual water and water-saving strategies in Arizona (with Sandy Dall'Erba)

Vicente Royuela Mora (Associate Professor - University of Barcelona, Spain): What drives migration moves across urban areas in Spain? Evidence from the Great Recession

October 4th

Lisa Graff (ISWS): CHAMP and Assessing Flood Risk Using GIS Tools

WORKSHOP - Andre F. T. Avelino (PhD Student - ACE) : Assessing the economic consequences of floods: from stock damages to economic impacts

October 11th

Maria L. Chu (Assistant Professor - ABE): Watershed-Ecosystem Dynamics

Yizhou Zhang (PhD Student - ACE): The Impact of the 2011 Illinois Tax Increase on Migration: A General Equilibrium Approach

Sergio Contreras (PhD Student - DURP): The Effectiveness of Microenterprise Policies in Chile: The Case of Centro de Emprendimientos Chile Compra

October 18th

Ryan Sriver (Assistant Professor - ATMO): How is Earth's climate changing and what are the impacts?

Xian Fang Bak (PhD Student - ACE): The Persistence of Foreclosure Shocks on the Housing Price

Chitra Jogani (PhD Student - ECON): Effect of Political Reservations

October 25th

Hope C. Michelson (Assistant Professor - ACE): Agricultural Productivity and Child Nutrition (with Gillian Galford)

Andre F. T. Avelino (PhD Student - ACE): Revisiting the Temporal Leontief Inverse: New insights on regional structural change (with Andre Carrascal and Alberto Solis)

Yulong Zhou (PhD Student - Renmin University of China): Social Capital, Resource Capture and Rural Poverty Reduction: Evidence from China

Ana Medina Lopez (Associate Professor - University Rey Juan Carlos, Spain): Measuring socio-economic impacts through Input-Output and dynamic CGE modelling approaches

November 1st

Vinicius de Almeida Vale (PhD Student - Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil): Agricultural linkages in the European Union and its spatial pattern (with Fernando Perobelli and Alexandre Gomes)

Kun Peng (PhD Student - ACE): The role of interregional and inter-sectoral knowledge spillovers on regional knowledge creation across US metropolitan counties

Na Li (Assistant Professor - University of Chinese Academy of Sciences): Assessing the impacts of China's air pollution abatement policies in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area

November 8th


November 15th

November 22th

NO SEMINAR - Thanksgiving Week

November 29th

Todd H. Kuethe (Clinical Assistant Professor - ACE): Information Rigidities in USDA's Net Farm Income Forecast

Carlos Goncalves (PhD Student - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Regional Interdependence in South America: Brazil in the context of Mercosur

Alfredo Cartone (PhD Student - University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy): Spatial Approach to PCA for the Definition of Local Composite Indicators (with Paolo Postiglione)

December 6th

Frederick Alves (PhD Student - Federal University of Vicosa, Brazil): Investment and Human Capital Externalities: Knowledge Spillovers

Alfredo Cartone (PhD Student - University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy): Spatial Quantile Regressions for the Analysis of Regional Economic Convergence

Thiago Nascimento (MSc Student - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Analysis of the Northeastern Constitutional Financing Fund (FNE)