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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Regional Economics Applications Laboratory

REAL Seminar Series 2017

Spring 2017 - Thursdays, 11:00am-noon 323 Mumford Hall

January 19th

Sandy Dall'Erba (Associate Professor - ACE): Welcome and Introduction

January 26th

Luciano Nakabashi (Associate Professor - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Institutions and criminality: some evidence from Sao Paulo State

Andre Avelino (PhD Student - ACE): Disaggregating Input-Output Tables in Time: the Temporal Input-Output Framework

February 2nd

Metin Piskin (PhD Student - Istanbul Technical University, Turkey): Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Model for Analysis of Transportation Investments in Turkey

Jing Xue (PhD Student - Beijing Jiaotong University, China): The Problems in Beijing Urban Rail Transit Network Development and Solutions and Marketization, railway infrastructure and economic growth in China

February 9th

Andres Ham (PhD Candidate - ACE): The Effects of Increased Access to Video Gambling on Crime in Chicago (with Nicolas Bottan and Ignacio Sarmiento-Barbieri)

February 16th

NO SEMINAR - WRSA Conference

February 23rd

Zhangliang Chen (PhD Student - ACE): The Ricardian model of climate change impact meets the Ricardian model of interregional trade: theory and evidence (with Fang Fang and Sandy Dall'erba)

March 2nd

Haozhi Pan (PhD Student - DURP): Understanding Land-use Change with Complex Urban System Sciences: Discovering Human Settling and Crowd Mobility Patterns in Networks

March 9th

Shunlu Hu (PhD Student - Nankai University, China): Spillover Effect of Special Economic Zones and the Economic Performance of Peripheral Area Firms (with Hongjun Xie)

March 16th

Chang Cai (PhD Student - ACE): The economic impact of climate change on US Agriculture: A multilevel analysis (with Sandy Dall'erba)

March 23rd

NO SEMINAR - Spring Break Week

March 30th

Aparna Howlade (PhD Student - ACE): Long-term Persistent Impact of Federal Land Conservation Policies: Evidence from Land Utilization Policies in 1933-1942

Renato Vieira (PhD Candidate - ACE): The Effects of a Transit Fare Exemption for the Elderly in Brazil

April 6th

Whayoung Jung (PhD Student - ECON): Analysis of nonstationary times series and business cycle with Markov-Switching model

Daniel Halim (PhD Student - ECON): The agriculture comeback: old-age farming as a coping mechanism

April 13th

Natalie Prochaska (PhD Student - DURP): Bristol Park Neighborhood Plan: Urban Renewal in Post-Kelo Fiscal Policy Space

Sergio Contreras (PhD Student - DURP): A Simultaneous Model of Youth Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion Across Developing Countries

April 20th

Cristina Miller (PhD - USDA): Impact of Rural Hospital Closures on Housing Values

April 27th

Kun Peng (PhD Student - ACE): The role of interregional and inter-sectoral knowledge spillovers on regional knowledge creation across US metropolitan counties (with Sandy Dall'erba and Dongwoo Kang)

Renata Caldas (PhD, Visiting Assistant Professor ECON/UIUC): Impacts of Microcredit Program on Employment and Income in the Brazilian Semiarid Area

May 1st

*Extra Seminar (2:30pm - 4:00pm @ 137D Davenport Hall)

Marcus Vinicius Amaral (PhD Student - Federal University of Huiz de Fora, Brazil): Effects of the qualification of the workforce on the distribution of income and poverty reduction in Brazil

Yizhou Zhang (PhD Student - ACE): Positive/Negative Selection in Illinois Interstate Migration

May 4th

Rodger Antunes (PhD Student - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil): Earmarking unconstitutionality and its impact on housing deficit: Evidence from Sao Paulo State, Brazil